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Kyrani Bastian

Kyrani Bastian – Yoga Teacher, Meditation, Reiki Master, Sound healing.

Kyrani has a passion for facilitating spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing in individuals.

After being introduced to yoga practices in 1974, Kyrani has forged her path in the wellness industry through practice and self-development in the fields of Yoga and Reiki.

Her passion for yoga is first and foremost, with a focus on bringing people back to their inward journey through the body.

Through this focus, Kyrani has discovered the power of sound healing in bringing individuals into their being, clearing channels and physically healing through the energetic shift of the sound vibration.

Kyrani’s teaching style explores myofascial release, a safe, highly effective, whole-body approach of treating pain and dysfunction in the body in Yin practices and Hatha moving meditative flows finishing with the power of sound vibration during savasana.


~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~