Class Descriptions

Tracy's Classes

My classes are divided into three levels. Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for students at a general level and Level 3 is for those at an intermediate/advanced level. The Level 1 class introduces the basic asanas. The succeeding Levels build on this foundation. The different poses are introduced in the appropriate context and their progression is structured so it is important to progress through the levels starting with Level 1. All the classes build strength and flexibility, increase mind-body awareness, mental poise, and improve posture and overall wellbeing.

Beginners Yoga (Level 1)

This class introduces simple standing, sitting, inverted and relaxation poses. The focus is on learning the poses, how to stretch and relax. Students can expect to feel the beneficial effects on body and mind immediately. It is for beginners and anyone wishing to refresh and consolidate the basics of Yoga practice.

General Yoga (Level 2)

Builds on the Level One giving a general background consisting of standing, sitting, supine, prone and inverted poses. Different types of poses are introduced which include twists, backbends, their beneficial effects as well as simple breath control techniques. Details of how to work in the postures and key points given will be found helpful. Students can expect to gain stability with the practice of these poses as well as balance and confidence as the time in inverted poses increases. Students learn how to relax in the postures. It is for students with some experience of Yoga.

Advanced Yoga (Level 3)

This level increases the range of sitting and inverted postures and pranayama. Students will learn arm balances and jumpings. Details of the poses are absorbed and with regular practice students can expect to build a strong flexible body and an alert yet calm mind able to withstand the day to day stresses of modern day living and slow the aging process. It is for students with a minimum of 2 years’ experience who can hold headstand and shoulder stand for 5-10 minutes.


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