Nigel Treloar

Nigel Treloar Nigel Treloar

I started yoga while travelling extensively in India and Sri Lanka from 1982-1983. Soon after returning to London, I embarked on a serious quest to learn more about yoga.

As the quotes often foretell, “the Master will appear when you are ready”. I attended Mr Iyengar’s lecture/demonstration at the Barbican in 1984 and I was simply stunned by what I had just heard and seen. I gained my Iyengar Teaching Certificate (1986) in London and I followed this with two periods of intensive yoga instruction with the Iyengars', in Pune India, in 1986 and again in 1988. These visits provided me with a baseline approach which much of my current practice still draws from. I will always be grateful for the underlying memory of those visits. Watching Mr Iyengar effortlessly complete 108 Viparita Chakrasana’s on a Friday morning, Geeta and Prashant, their energy, abilities and enthusiasm so evident, are special moments in my life. I do not teach solely from these times but I certainly know how lucky I was to experience such intense and capable teachers.

In Rishikesh in 1982, the teacher enquired whether my interest in yoga was spiritual or physical? At the time, I wasn't sure what my answer should be. I am, however, comfortable with how my life has evolved and the choices I have made. I am happily married, have two wonderful children and recently became a grandfather. Yoga strengthens my body and spirit and has helped me enormously at every stage.

My personal practice includes a lot of inversions, balances and quite strong core work to unify the movements from one end to the other. I am concerned that the benefits of inversions, especially, need to be developed and maintained. Good alignment, also, should not be underestimated, but equally, I regularly use vinyasa ideas to link and explore yoga energy. My practice continues to evolve and I remain open minded about the journey ahead. Sadly our great guru, Mr Iyengar passed away this August but the spark he and so many others have ignited within me glows brightly. In yoga there is a process to understand more and more each day. I have gained so much from yoga and I look forward to meeting you at class very soon.


Namaste~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~