Nigel Treloar

Nigel Treloar Nigel Treloar

My first yoga experience was a revelation. Despite a fitness and active outdoor background I had never felt so engaged and interested. 35 years later I am still in wonder at the possibilities a good yoga practice can provide.

When you get it right words are no longer necessary. It does not matter who you trained with, what style you teach, whether you have done enough sun salutations and so on and so forth! You are there in the moment and nothing else matters.

My personal practice has ebbed and flowed, from style to style and from hours of seated meditation, to breath, and both soft and strong asanas (postures). After family and loved ones, it remains the best gift I have ever been given and has helped me through all the joys and difficulties of life. My Yoga experience continues to evolve and I do not limit the variations I may still achieve. Indeed, my practice continues to broaden, often in sizeable chunks when least expected.

I currently teach a mixture of single asanas (postures) and sections of vinyasa (flow). I prefer a warmer, more natural environment. If it’s hot so be it! Over time a balanced approach to Yoga will seek out and find every corner, providing renewal, strength, calm and opportunity.  It is my joy and I am here to share this wonderful gift.



Namaste~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~