Linda Sharpe

Linda Sharpe Linda Sharpe

Having enjoyed many a yoga class over the years, I felt a need to immerse myself more deeply in the practice to gain a clearer understanding of what yoga was all about. In 2013, I left a position in the corporate world of Finance to embark on a journey to study yoga in the country of origin, India.

Initially the journey was purely personal, and now I am truly passionate about sharing what I have learnt, and am still learning, with you. My personal practice continues to evolve, and the gems continue to reveal themselves in this physical, mental and spiritual practise; inspiration is all around us. I have enjoyed teaching in Townsville since June, 2015.

I have a strong health and wellbeing focus ... also facilitating natural healing and pain relief therapy via modalities such as Ayurvedic* massage, Emmett Therapy and other natural therapies. I have combined the very best of what I have learnt over the years to deliver a thoroughly relaxing treatment for you. Come and try one for yourself!

*Ayurveda translates to ‘The Science of Life’. It is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems, based on the belief that health and wellness depends on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Namaste~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~