Carol Alvis

Hi, my name is Carol Alvis. I was born in 1971 and have lived in Townsville all my life. The first time I practiced yoga was in 2002, I practised on and off for the next 3 years but I got serious about my yoga practice in April 2005 after the birth of my second son, I needed a way to get back into shape, I also needed to find a way to relax.


Kylie Jaques

I absolutely love yoga and have no doubt it will be part of my life forever. I first started practising yoga in 2000 when I dropped into one of Nigel Treloar’s classes at the Yoga Space on Ingham Road, I was hooked!


Nigel Treloar

My first yoga experience was a revelation. Despite a fitness and active outdoor background I had never felt so engaged and interested. 35 years later I am still in wonder at the possibilities a good yoga practice can provide.


Jasmine Healy-Pagan

A former competitive swimmer, high school teacher and fitness trainer, Jasmine was first drawn to yoga while living in New York City in the 1990s.


Linda Sharpe

Having enjoyed many a yoga class over the years, I felt a need to immerse myself more deeply in the practice to gain a clearer understanding of what yoga was all about. In 2013, I left a position in the corporate world of Finance to embark on a journey to study yoga in the country of origin, India.


Tracy Armstrong

Tracy Armstrong, Yoga teacher, natural health advocate, loving daughter and easy-going friend, has been teaching yoga in Townsville since 1999. She is one of the most reputable yoga teachers in Townsville renowned for her knowledge of yoga anatomy and the ability to personify the poses. She is often described as strict, though Tracy would prefer to call it attention to detail.


Tracey Uber Cook

A Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master for over ten years, Tracey began her yogic journey in the Indian Himalayas, studying yogic practice and philosophy with several swamis and receiving her original teacher training at the Sivananda Kutir in Netala, India. 


Rachel Bowater

Rachel teaches the Thursday morning Easy Yoga class. This class is blend of ‘vinyasa’ or flow-style yoga, Iyengar style yoga poses, body and breath awakening poses.


Kyrani Bastian

Kyrani Bastian - Yoga Teacher, Meditation, Reiki Master,  Sound healing.

Kyrani has a passion for facilitating spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing in individuals.


Namaste~ The divine in me respects the divine within you ~