Basic Class Descriptions

Level 1 - Easy Yoga

Easy Yoga

This level is suitable for everyone. It is a gentle class that is relaxing and very helpful if you are stressed or are unfit and are looking to work on your fitness and strength. Easy yoga is suitable for pregnant women and also for the over 60’s. If you are an absolute beginner and cannot attend the beginner’s course this is a good class to do. No experience is required to attend this class.

Level 2 - Foundation Yoga

Foundation Yoga

This level is suitable for anyone that is able bodied. It is a good class to develop strength and fitness. This is the class I would recommend for all those that have completed the Beginners Course. If you have done a little yoga this is the class to start with. Foundation yoga focuses on alignment and works with the entire body, building strength and flexibility that will allow you to then move up to General yoga.

Level 3 - General Yoga

General Yoga

This level is suitable for students that are working on strength and flexibility and have developed a reasonable fitness level. I would recommend this level once you have been practicing foundation for a while and feel you would like a stronger class. Focus is still on Alignment.

Level 4 - General + Yoga

General + Yoga

This level is suitable for those that are experienced in yoga. This level is quite robust and will challenge even those of you that consider yourself to be fit and strong. General + Yoga focuses on strength and flexibily, as you should already have a good knowledge of the basic poses before you attend this class.

Level 5 - Advanced Yoga

Advanced Yoga

This level is only for those students that have a good knowledge of yoga, and have already developed a good range of flexibility and strength. The poses that you will encounter will be difficult and will test you no matter what your fitness or strength level. This is not a class that you come to without a least 1 year experience.

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